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Products in Action: How Black Soap Change My Skin in 3 Weeks

How African Black Soap Changed my Skin in 3 weeks KoKo Beauty Essentials 2018

Many people have mentioned the benefits of African Black Soap, especially when it comes to healing their skin.

Our CEO Bryanna G. recently took the healthy skin challenge by using our African Black soap after experiencing a bad acne breakout herself. 


"My first thought was to cry, because literally my skin was angry at me, and I didn’t know why! With my skin being sensitive AND breaking out this bad, I took it to the basics and re-introduced pure african black soap back into my life. I figured how could I offer something to my clients that I wouldn't try for myself? Knowing that African Black Soap has been used to treat acne, especially after watching hundreds of Youtube videos, I knew I had to give it a try. I wanted my skin back!!"



African Black Soap Results on Acne Skin 2018

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  • Josephine Wanjiku on July 19, 2022

    Want African black soap in Nairobi Kenya

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