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5 Free Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Valentine's Day is a special time to express your love and gratitude to someone you care about. Even though the holiday is flooded with gifts, lavish trips, and expensive dining, sometimes the best gifts are the ones that come from the heart (and are totally free).If you are looking for some heartfelt gifts or free ideas for Valentine's Day, we've got you covered! Here are 5 free things to give on Valentine's day.  Massage Time Whip out your phone, get your calming RnB playlist,  and set a timer for 30-45. Prep your area and mood to give the best full body massage for your loved one. Starting from the temples, all the way to the feet using your favorite oil you have on hand. This could be a massage oil that you have stashed, or even simple, moisturizing oils, like Olive or Avocado oil, that can be found in your kitchen pantry.  Make sure to do some research so you don't hurt yourself or your partner. Like this "5 Easy Partner Massage Techniques" video. Special Dinner If you have food already in the house, get your fancy dinner plates out and whip up a delicious meal! Plan for appetizers, main course, dessert, and drinks.  You can be fancy, or simple and sweet. For example: Appetizers: Heart Shaped Biscuits Main Course: Chicken Alfredo with Pan Blackened Chicken Drinks: Rasberry Iced Tea  Dessert: chocolate brownies with fudge drizzle You know what your loved one(s) enjoy eating, if they have a favorite meal, make that instead! If they have a drink that they love, serve that! Don't be limited to one dessert option, if you know you're lovey has a sweet tooth. Just make sure to browse your kitchen and make sure you have everything you need to make your fabulous dinner at home. Special Treats Popping up to your partner's lunch break with a box full of handmade treats is not only fun, by bound to make every jealous. ESPECIALLY if the treats are amazing! From candy to cookies, or cheesecake jars you have a range of things you can choose to make for them. Here are some of our favorites: No Bake Oreo Cheesecake (20 mins!)  Homemade Toffee Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies  Again, get creative with what you already have in the house! You can even look up all the ingredients you have, pop that into Google, and find treats you can make with them. Love Treasure Hunt Grab some sticky notes (or paper and tape) and write down 20-30 reasons why you love your partner. Then place them all over the house for them to find. If you know their usual routine, like the first thing they do when they come in the house is get some water to drink, place your note on a bottle of water so they can see it when they open the fridge. Bonus Points: match this with the massage idea, the more love notes they find, the longer their massage. Going Down Memory Lane Another sweet thing you can give someone you care about on Valentine's Day, is a trip down your relationship. From the early stages of your dating, fun trips, special moments, and special memories. Make a fun collage or video using free tools like and get creative with it! Bonus tip: let your collage play in the background while you have your special dinner. Or include a link in a text after you deliver your special treats.   The important thing here is to be attentive and creative! You know what your loved one likes (and hates) so plan accordingly, and let us know how it goes!XOXO,KoKo Beauty Essentials