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What is Witch Hazel and Why should you care?

As a child, it was common for me to desire to be like the “big kids.” Always getting into trouble going too fast on my bike and falling, or climbing up trees in my dress and scraping my knee. Ah, the beauty of childhood! But, I do remember my mother using either witch hazel or rubbing alcohol on my cuts when I would fall. I used to cry at the thought of rubbing alcohol, that brief 0.02345 of burn felt like it would last forever!

So I would ask for “this one”, pointing to the differently shaped bottle, as I didn’t know what “Witch Hazel” was, I just remembered that it didn’t burn! Since then, growing up from teen to adult, it has been a common element in our medicine cabinet. For years we’ve used it to treat cuts, bruises, acne scars, and eczema.

Upon research and frequent use for my skin, I knew it was an element I wanted to use in my Makeup Brush Cleaner for it’s natural healing and cleansing properties.



A Brief History of Witch Hazel:

Witch Hazel also known as Hammamelis, Hamamelis water, Cortex Hamamelis, Folium Hamamelis, snapping hazel, white hazel, and a few other names, is a special ingredient that has been used for centuries to treat cuts and heal the skin.

Per the Advanced Health Choices article detailing Witch Hazel, the medicinal liquid was used to treat “inflammations in the eye, hemorrhoids, bites, stings, skin sores, diarrhea and dysentery” (para 1). The natural astringency of the medicinal plant helps it to work and naturally repair and heal the skin. Hamamelis is also one of the few American medicinal plants that is approved as an ingredient by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) (see Sec. 347.12 Astringent active Ingredients).

Witch Hazel has been commonly known to help people suffering from acne break outs, dry skin, or bug bites. The astringency of the liquid decreases the discomfort of the pain, redness, or itchiness that comes from irritated skin.

Why should you care?

Witch Hazel is one of those natural ingredients we have been blessed to have on earth. It has multiple purposes, and is available everywhere. As an ingredient in our best-selling Makeup Brush Cleaner it supports the cleaning and antibacterial function to help support healthy skin and decrease the bacteria that lives on your makeup brushes!


The powerful (but gentle) astringent can also be used to treat dandruff, ease an irritated scalp, and decrease hair breakage (from scalp). Check out these 11 Amazing Benefits of Witch Hazel from Style Craze.


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