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One summer in 2017, I went shopping with my sister to pick up some new fragrances and lotions at one of our favorite stores. We spritzed a few fragrances in the air, tried on a few of the lotions, and attempted to smell all the fun things we could. You know, the typical Saturday shopping experience.

 However, just as we were leaving the store, I noticed my sister was having a skin reaction. Unfortunately for her, this was common, as most commercial products, especially those with fragrances, would break her out. And like many who have sensitive skin and want to smell and feel beautiful, she tried to ignore the fact her skin was telling the both of us that those products were a “no”.

Seeing the need for skincare products that focus on sensitive skin, while also allowing them to have fun with fragrances and colors, it was that day that I immediately got inspired to research and create products that were sensitive skin friendly.

Skin sensitive issues run in my family: Eczema, dermatitis, dryness , and even my continuous battle with cystic acne and scar-prone skin. It became clear to me that there needed to be a line of products that had wholesome ingredients yet still merged an element of fun and allure to encourage people to use products that are better for their skin. I launched KoKo Beauty Essentials that following year in 2018 with 3 products, now we are currently blessed to have more than 20 items ranging from both face and body care.

Merging the Love of Skincare and Art

I’m an artist at heart, and skincare junkie at night. For me, formulating new products with oils, butters, clays and botanicals is like creating a masterpiece in every jar. Every new product feeds my inspiration to create more and be curious of new product or fragrance creation. It is my hope that with each KoKo Beauty Essentials package you receive, you can see and feel the creative beauty in your products.

Providing Quality and Love In Every Container

Since day one, my mission has been to provide quality beauty products to support the body’s natural ability to thrive and glow. I’m honored to see KoKo Beauty Essentials grow from just the support of friends and family, to hundreds of loyal customers all over the US.

Thank you for allowing me to share my passion for healthy, beautiful skin, and we look forward to many more years to come!

With Much Love

Bryanna + KKBE Team

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