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Where are the Products Made?

Products are made using sterilized bowls and mixing utensils at the KoKo Beauty Office.. Items are cleaned daily (multiple times) to decrease chances of cross contamination between products. Bottles are cleaned before placing any oils, soaps, or cleaning solutions inside. 

Are the Ingredients Natural and/or Organic?

All products are natural and are from companies that use organic materials to create the oils, bases, soaps, or creams. 

How Long is Shipping?

Shipping can be from 7-15 days depending on the amount of product available.

What is Your Refund and Exchanges Policy?

Please review our refund and exchange policy here: 

Product Shipped but has Not Arrived?

Once item is shipped, we do not have control over the product anymore. If product has shipped, please contact USPS and ensure your local post office has the product, or has not misplaced the product. You can track your package using USPS tracking here: 

Received Destroyed Product, What Do I Do?

Please take a photo of your damaged product and send to Send an email with the subject line "Damaged Product | KoKo Beauty Essentials" and include tracking number on package. You will receive a credit for the cost of the product, not shipping.

My Question is Not Listed on the FAQs, What Should I Do?

If you have a question, contact us at