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At Home Quarantine Skincare Routine

From going to the gym and wearing a mask through a 1 hour sweat session, to working from dealing with stressful coworkers (do we need another Zoom meeting??). While also doing some additional side jobs in the evening, my skin is spent!

More breakouts from the masks, and extra dry lips due to the masks sucking out all traces of lip balm and lip gloss.

To revitalize my skin here is my special routine.

Quarantine Skincare Products:


15 Minute Quarantine Skincare Routine 

  • I like to setup my steamer and prepare my skin for a steam session. Before steaming, I like to put the Aloe Vera Gel on my lips for a DIY hydrating lip mask. This will also help hydrate any dry skin on the lips, making it easier to exfoliate in the next step. Then I steam my face for 5-minutes. Make sure to be 6-8 inches away from the steam so you don't burn yourself!
  • Next I apply my Glow Turmeric Mask and let it sit for 10-minutes. While it's sitting, I use my Konjac Sponge and a little bit of Rosemary Turmeric soap to exfoliate my skin (and remove the aloe vera gel). After exfoliating my lips, I apply more aloe vera gel to sit for the remainder of time left.
  • After the 10-minutes, I wipe of the glow mask and aloe vera using a wash cloth and warm water. Because the mask is also cleansing, I don't use soap and water afterwards. Instead, I spritz my Rose Witch Hazel toner alongside my cotton balls to close my pores and remove any additional mask residue on my skin.
  • The last step is to seal in all this moisture! So I end my routine using my Dream Butter dry skin moisturizer and say hello to my glow skin!!

Check out a video of my Quarantine skincare routine on Instagram:



Grab Your Quarantine Skincare Products

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Konjac Sponge - $6.99

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