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How To Choose Your Signature Fragrance

"Perfume is like music that you wear" - Mathilde Thomas (make a graphic)

Imagine walking in the room, and your essence (or shall we say fragrance) introduces you before your smile and wave do. If you imagine yourself smelling amazing, this can be a dream come true. However, if your smell is on the not-so-pleasant side of things, this dream could be a bad nightmare. Like SpongeBob chocolate-onion sundae bad.


Read The Description for Your Signature Fragrance:

When looking at a perfume or fragrance you'd like to try, go straight into the description. Often times, designers will put information about the base, mid, and top notes you can smell in the perfume. Of course, it's hard to imagine what the creation is like, however when you see elements like Jasmine or Rose, you know the fragrance will have floral notes. If you see elements like grapefruit or bergamot, you will know that the perfume features citrus scents.

You can also begin by discovering what fragrances you lean to by understanding where a perfume lies in the scent spectrum:

  • Citrus: Scents like grapefruit, lemongrass, bergamot, and lime add those fresh, citrus elements to a fragrance. They put you in the mind of a bright summer day, and when paired with other elements they can even brighten or tone done the scent so it's not as harsh.


  • Herbal: Lavender (also used as a floral scent), rosemary, chamomile, and sage are popular herbal scents that add an earthy element to perfume. 


  • Floral: When you see elements like rose, lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, or geranium, you know your perfume might have you smelling like a gorgeous bouquet of elegant flowers. If you are familiar with the flower, and its essential oil, you may be able to depict what your perfume will smell like.


  • Musky: Musk scents give depth and seriousness to fragrances. Usually derived from animals, it is the scent that drives the females crazy and draws them to males. However, there are botanical options like vetiver, which has an earthy, woody, and musky profile.


  • Sweet: These are your vanillas and sugary smelling fragrances that often lead to you smelling good enough to lick.


  • Woody: Hints of taking a stroll through the woods. Think of Sandalwood, Pine, Patchouli, and Vetiver. They are rich, and when paired with lighter scents, allow the fragrance to linger for a while.


  • Fruity: Fun fruits like watermelon, strawberry, or mango can be added to spice up (or shall we say sweeten) your perfume for an interesting flair. 


Buy a Smaller Size To See How Your Perfume Wears:

Instead of purchasing huge bottles of a perfume (our group) that you would like to try, opt for a smaller bottle or sample size. With a smaller size, you can test to see if you actually like the perfume's fragrance, before committing to a larger size. 

Test and See Which Earns The Top Place For Your Signature Fragrance:

Use your samples and see which perfume has your heart! Wear one for a day and see how you enjoy the fragrance. Does it last long? Does the perfume linger and give off the emotion you want to give off? Or, does the fragrance emit the vibe you are going for? These are all questions you should ask when testing out your fragrances.

Perfume Oils on After Pay

Mix and Experiment If Your Fragrance Is a Custom Blend:

If you found you like elements of different perfume sprays or oils, try mixing them! For some fragrances, the base and top notes pair well together, so mixing them will create a unique perfume blend just for you. Again, make sure to test this custom blend out to ensure it emits the vibe and aroma you desire. 


Try Our Perfume Oils:

If you're looking to try unique, fun, and fruity fragrances, brows our selection of perfume oils to try on your signature fragrance adventure!

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How to find your signature perfume scent

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