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The Skincare Benefits of Turmeric

You've probably gotten familiar with turmeric when eating some amazing curry or creating your own antioxidant-packed tea, but are you aware that turmeric is a powerhouse when it comes to skincare? Turmeric, the bright yellow spice, is made from the root of Curcuma Zedoaria, which is a form of ginger that naturally grows in India, Indonesia, and Taiwan. The gorgeous yellow hue that turmeric is known for comes from Curcumin, which is also what gives turmeric it's antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. What Benefits Does Turmeric Have For The Skin? Turmeric is packed with a lot of benefits for the skin, whether you use it internally (as a supplement) or externally with products that include this power-packed spice. Your Natural Glow Will Be Popping No, seriously! That gorgeous yellow tint along with the antioxidants in turmeric help to repair the skin and provide a healthy, youthful glow. Usually, people over-do it when using turmeric and can sometimes "dye" their skin yellow. The key to getting that glowy skin is to use turmeric in moderation! If you still find that your turmeric mask is still leaving a yellow residue, make sure to gently cleanse your skin with liquid castile soap, or your favorite cleanser.  Your Skin Gets To Relax If your skin is no stranger to constant inflammation and irritation, adding turmeric to your skincare routine is a must! Sometimes our skin can suffer from oxidative stress, which according to Dr. Anaya Mandal, MD is "...essentially an imbalance between the production of free radicals and the ability of the body to counteract or detoxify their harmful effects through neutralization by antioxidants." Turmeric naturally has free-radical fighting and inflammatory reducing properties, which make it a good item to have in your skincare cabinet when your skin is stressing out. Wrinkles & Baby Soft Skin Might Be Achievable Research studies have been conducted to show the relationship between turmeric and repairing the skin, including the effect turmeric has when smoothing out wrinkles. Because turmeric's antioxidants help to repair the skin, it could also assist with improving skin roughness and bumps, which may make wrinkles less apparent.  Turmeric Helps Calm Acne and Hyperpigmentation The first benefit that comes to mind when using turmeric for skincare is it's acne and hyperpigmentation healing properties. First, the being that the yellow spice reduces bacteria and calms down inflammation, it's great to use when you have a breakout. If your skin is used to being a pimple landmine, turmeric can assist with reducing the pathogens causing you to breakout. Secondly, if your skin is prone to acne scars and hyperpigmentation, the antioxidants properties in turmeric work to repair the skin and fade the scars.  How Can I Use Turmeric In My Skincare?   You can incorporate turmeric in your skin care by using serums or masks, like our Glow Cream Mask. There are also supplements you can purchase from your local health food store to use the benefits of turmeric internally. Make sure to read all ingredients and check with your doctor to ensure taking turmeric supplements is alright for you.