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Aqua Cologne Oil




Embody the coolness of fresh water with notes of black pepper, peppermint, and lavender. A classic scent with a modern twist. 



Product Details

Aqua is a cool, soothing blend that evokes the powerful, yet subtle emotions from the ocean. Experience notes peppermint, lavendar, orange blossom, amber, and black pepper.

Scent Notes = Earthy, Musky

  • Glass roller bottle to protect long lasting fragrance
  • Jojoba and Kukui nut oil base to improve fragrance disbursement
  • Black Pepper is warm, herbal, and spicy
  • Peppermint is calm, cool, and grounding
  • Lavender is soothing and bright

Made With Love In Maryland

Cologne Oil Blend, Jojoba Oil and/or Kukui Nut Oil.

Roll Aqua on areas where you want the cologne to sit. Rub in and enjoy!

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Aqua Cologne Oil