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Indigo Cologne Oil




Indigo embodies the powerful, yet subtle, blend of woodsy and herbal elements. 



Product Details

Experience notes of cardamon, birch leaf, cedarwood, orange blossom, and neroli. Indigo is great for everyday wear and can be combined with other cologne oils for a personal, signature scent.

Scent Notes = Earthy, Musky

  • Glass roller bottle to protect long lasting fragrance
  • Jojoba and Kukui nut oil base to improve fragrance disbursement
  • Cardamom is warm with woody and citrus undertones
  • Birch Leaf is herbal with a woody aroma
  • Cedarwood is woody with balsamic undertones
  • Orange Blossom is bright and citrusy
  • Neroli has a herbl citrus aroma

Made With Love In Maryland

Cologne Oil Blend, Jojoba Oil and/or Kukui Nut Oil.

Roll Aqua on areas where you want the cologne to sit. Rub in and enjoy!

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Indigo Cologne Oil